What They're Saying! (How Do They Say It?)

I came in for a 20-minute Table Tune-up. It was incredibly relaxing & refreshing! I actually felt more relaxed than after having a 60-min massage at a chain place. I will definitely be back next time I am in Cape May -Chelsea S

Martha’s massage is kinetic art! She is wonderful - highly recommend! -Roxana B

Simply amazing! If you’re looking for strong yet gentle, Jessie’s your girl! -Martha G.

The massage was my first, but the first of many, I hope. It was very relaxing & invigorating at the same time & the therapist was considerate & wonderfully competent! -Carol H.

Epic massage by Martha! She really addressed the problem spots & I left feeling so much better. I will make this a commitment to self care -Patti P.

Such a gift! I so appreciate the intentional concern & how both Kate & Martha took extra care for my situation. I received more than I imagined. Wow! -Julie R.

This was fabulous! Alissa found all the right hot spots & when I left it was like walking on a cloud. Also gave helpful take-home tips! -Maria C.

I injured my back & shoulders.  My thumb was numb, likely because of a pinched nerve. Kate focused on those areas & improved my condition.  She gave helpful advice about how to continue to heal -Ken Q.

Great experience! Alissa clearly is an excellent technician/practitioner!  Haven't felt this good in years! -Roseann F.

Martha is very talented & thorough.  She accommodated a medical issue & I left feeling relaxed & stress free -Marie P.

My therapist listened to my body in the best way possible, very knowledgeable. Always focused on the specific trouble areas & did not move on until the tension was released -Jennie K.

Mind-body rejuvenation, very focused, therapeutic, complete healing feeling. Beautifully done! So thorough! Every nook & cranny was happy -Paula D.

Super relaxing yet therapeutic.  Shoulder knot feels great -Tom L.

Massage was very relaxing & a perfect way to spend our anniversary.  Everyone at the Well was so nice!! -Rebecca S.

One of the best massages & facials I've ever received.  So relaxing & therapist was very attentive -Lauren M

Kate has an excellent touch - firm yet peaceful & relaxing.  She knew exactly what I needed.  My massage was therapeutic as well as a wonderful release of all stress -Judy T.

Alissa's massage was extremely intuitive - a joy to receive.  Highly recommend! -Julie L.

Martha broke up my migraine from right shoulder blade to right eye.  Feel relaxed physically & mentally. Thank you! -Donna S.

Fantastic! Great pressure & courteous service. Walking out very happy -Kris C.

Kate was wonderful! Very helpful with digestive issues -Joyce T.

Martha was fantastic! I had a sinus infection & her massage on my face, head & neck made me feel so much better! Amazing! -Lori A.

Wonderful massage - kind & caring -especially the myofascial release on the hips -Eileen M

Magical experience.  Felt great inside & out when it was over -Stephen G.

Very relaxing & appreciated the attention on the gut! Felt much better. Pressure was good, & would have been okay to go deeper  -Anthony G. (Don't hold back! Ask your therapist to adjust pressure.. you won't hurt our feelings!!)

Hit all the areas that have been giving me issues. My lower back feels a million times better. Kate was amazing! -Katelyn K.

That was exactly the therapeutic experience I needed.  Alissa clearly knows about physiology & used her expertise to loosen me up! -Dale S.

Kate was a lifesaver. My massage was fantastic & helped me relax & recenter after losing my mom. Will definitely be back -Sarah S.

Thank you so much!  Alissa was terrific.  Everything was great!  It is clear you were serious about professional therapists! Just need to work on the spa music! A bit repetitive! -Jeff N. (lol see the next comment - same music! Don’t be shy about asking for something different, we have tons!)

Excellent deep tissue hit all the tight spots. Very relaxing. Even played a great selection of non-new age music during the treatment. Fantastic!! -Dan B. (lol same music as above! Don’t be shy about asking for something different, we have tons!)

We have been to numerous spas. But the massages we had here were hands down the best we have had ever. Amanda was knowledgeable, professional & seriously the hour I spent as part of the couples massage we had was wonderful. My neck pain, TMJ, hip pain is seriously better. Loved loved loved this establishment. Will return when staying in Cape May -Dawn E on Trip Advisor

This is at least the fourth time I have been to The Well & I absolutely love it! It is a staple of my vacation to make an appointment here during my week stay. Amazing as always! -Vitina & Joan C.

Kate was wonderful & powered through the 30 minutes to give me the best results possible. My back is much better -Cheryl P.

Kate was amazing! She knew where I was hurting before I told her. I left feeling like a new person! -Francene S.

Amanda was wonderful! She focused on my hips, neck & feet while still covering the entire body (fibromyalgia & arthritis) -Dawn E.

I feel like Gumby -Matt N.

Leading you into a deep state of giving over…helped me find my balance again today! -Bill M.

Very knowledgeable; got out all those knots. First person that taught  us how to get those knots out at home. Thank you! -Christine N.

Martha is wonderful. The massage was just what I needed, & the pressure perfect. She has a great energy & hit all the right points - thank you! Aaaah! -Sue M.

The environment is healing & happy. I've been a massage practitioner for 28 years & I've had many massages. Martha is magic! -Carol Ann G.

Amanda D relieved knots I didn't notice I had. Her hands were like the jaws of life. THANK YOU!  -Jared A.

I needed all that attention & love today (best massage I ever had)  Ed S.

I feel fresher than a Subway sandwich! I can enjoy my vacation! -Michael L.

I like to call myself a massage guru. I believe in getting massages on a regular basis. My experience here with my therapist was phenomenal. I will definitely be back -Dominique L. (Recovery Mode)

I have no words to describe the release of tension & anxiety I felt today -Matthew P.

Alissa was great, hit the hot spots! I walked out feeling longer, looser & so relaxed! Lovely!-Mary N.

Perfect in every way! Amanda B has hands of gold! -Mary Jo P.

Thank you Amanda D!! I can move my right arm fluidly again!  -Nathan N.

The perfect way to start a vacation -Meira C.

Kate's pressure and stretches were amazing! -Morgan S.

OMG! That was the best massage I ever had! -Linda D. (Linda came back with her entire family!!!)

Excellent massage & facial. Would rate 10/10. Very personable. Would recommend others anytime -Anthony T. (Anthony came back to sample Reiki Balancing, Myo-Thai & Recovery Mode, and sent his sister too!)

Great, relaxing treatment ahead of a marathon in a week- highly recommend! -Tom D. (Myo-Thai)

Martha is a true healer! I had a fantastic massage with her & felt truly renewed. I highly recommend!! -Christina W.

Walking out floating! Lightest I've felt during the third trimester. Thank you! -Lila B.

One of the best massage experiences of my life. I've had several hundred -Chris H.

Awesome prenatal with Kate! So relaxing & therapeutic. Beautiful quaint space too! -Marilyn F.

(Prenatal) Wonderul experience. I felt very well taken care of. My masseuse was confident & did all the right stuff -Fatima R.

(About our intern) She was amazing! She listened & remembered my touchy areas & sore spots. Just a wonderful massage all together! -Tina S.

Thank you. My first massage. Really the first time I've relaxed in a long time. Feels great -Mark W.

All of my muscles melted -Chris R.

Amazing job! Very in tune to problem areas & perfect pressure -Kelly M.

Alissa is a spiritual healer with other-worldly gifts extending beyond her massage skills -Rachel P.

Wonderful! Loved the room & the smell of the oil & the GREAT massage by Kate! -Karen S.

The therapists knew what they were doing & you really felt like they were present the whole time. We were never rushed. I actually love that this wasn't a commercial spa, it was definitely more of a well being center with great smells & big smiles -Fatima & Shah via Yelp

Very welcoming & attentive to my needs, will definitely be returning! -Erin S.

The entire experience was wonderful! Can't express enough how satisfying. -Leanna P.

Thank you! Deepest gratitude for moving that tension & energy! All the love & light -Mandee E.

Truly relaxing & healing experience! Great vibe & courteous, professional staff. Definitely coming back! -Alexis K.

Best massage I've ever had, thank you! (Prenatal) -Michelle S.

My therapist was phenomenal! I was completely comfortable & she knew all the right places to go rougher or softer on! 5-star service -Sasha K.

By far the best massage I've ever received! The therapist was engaging, professional, skillful, and insightful. I will definitely be back -Kellie C.

One of the top 3 massages I ever had. She was very intuitive to what my body needed, & I must say my tight muscles were very relaxed for several days. She really got the circulation going through the areas that are almost always so tense. I felt great for several days. I wish all my massages were as good, because I really need it to make my medical conditions more bearable
 -Sheilagh S.

My treatment was perfect - I carry lots of tension in my neck/shoulders & now I feel so much better!!! -Caitlin T.

Great experience! Peaceful, clean, cozy massage rooms with exceptional massage therapists. Highly recommend! -Sara T.

One of the best massages I've ever had. She was thorough & careful -Mara S.

Wonderful warm relaxing experience!  Want to return soon! Best massage ever! -Beth S.

The best! Loved every second! -Ginny C. (Inner Body Experience)

I came in with a back brace & left without it. Awesome!! -Chris T. 

I cannot say enough good about my experience here. I left lighter & healthier than I've felt in years. A true healer. Her energy is strong & positive -Kimberly B.

They were wonderful to have. Very good, respectful, set up/break down simple, great massage (couples in-room at B&B) -Kristen B.

Was one of the best massages I have ever had and I have had a few! -Michael S.

Exactly what I needed. Caring & very responsive to my achy self! -Carol T.

Incredible massage, possibly the best experience I've had -Walt O.

Thorough, deep & well-executed!  -Annie E.

Amazing prenatal massage! Best I've felt in months! Highly recommend for every mom-to-be
-Lauren R.

Incredibly relaxing, no detail was spared. They genuinely enjoy what they do. We'll be back!
-Katie W. (honeymooners, congratulations!)

Amazing! Amanda was so in tune to my needs. Wonderful experience. Will be back!!-Kimberly O.

Kate does an excellent job during massage to make the experience relaxing. Can't wait to return!  -Sharen C.

Best massage ever! Great personality & great technique -Jerry McC.

 I'm not exaggerating - it was the best massage I've ever had! -Anthony D'A.

Should call this place Heaven on Earth!! -Melissa C. (Ultimate Grand Supreme)

Absolutely amazing!!!! It released so much negativity & stress & almost brought me to tears! That's simply amazing to me! Thank you for everything! -Lisa S.

Amanda was amazing! I've had many massages, but she put in the actual effort & care to make this very effective for the issues that were bothering me. I had a lot of stress from physical & psychological (work) sources. Both greatly alleviated by her technique. I will be back! -Erin R.

Alissa was incredible-- very knowledgable and great pressure/understanding of the body. Among the best massages I've ever had! -Meredith S.

Literally the best massage I have ever experienced. Kate's hands are magic.  -Alison K.

Peaceful environment, music, very thorough & gently stimulating & relaxing massage -James H. 

Martha is a life-saver! Thank you! -Jo Ann H.

Best massage in years, by Kate -Sue B.

I have worked with massage therapists & gotten a lot of bodywork & Amanda's massage was exceptional. She is amazing -Liz W.

Absolutely great. Will take awhile for my brain to readjust to the looseness! -Stephen F.

Kate was wonderful! She took my feedback & made my 1st massage experience an amazing one -Deavon R.

I've never felt so refreshed! -Suzy M. (The Works w/Dynamically Deep)

Great!! Knows her stuff! -Bobbie M.

Very relaxing massage. Feel like we found a true gem in Cape May. Will come back if in the area  -Devjani D.

She was a godsend! Helped my back strain when pills did not!! -Eileen N.

The Well is a wonderful treat. The staff were great & it was one of the best parts of my vacation -Christine D.

Amazing! I felt the negative energy break up & move out of my body— it flowed out of my fingertips! The best stress relief! -Melanie M.

Felt very comfortable with everything -Derek G (age 19, Table Thai)

Alissa did a great job working out the stress in my back -Cathy T.

Great job on the IT band! -Don F.

Wow! One of the best massages I've ever had!  -Katherine L.

Wonderful, much-needed massage. The pressure was perfect & Alissa was a pro. Will definitely be coming back -Nicole S.

Truly- one of the best massages I have ever had! Thank you!  -Tara M.

The best massage I've ever had -Melissa M.

Very kind, very aware of my needs. Thank you! -Abigail C.

She paid great attention to the areas of my body that needed it the most. Great combo of massage, stretching & pressure  -John B. (Even Flow The Floor Show)

One of the best - very skilled & intuitive -Keila G.

Kate pinpointed areas of stress that I didn't even know were stressed! Incredible experience. Will definitely be back  -Lisa M.

Alissa was wonderful! My first massage & she explained carefully & was very thorough as well -Maggie S.

Excellent time all around! Best massage! Appreciate the time she took on my problem areas -Nikki L.

Massage was fantastic! I did not know my arms, legs & feet could feel so good! -Eric R.

Excellent couples massage, relieved neck pain as requested!  -Lisa N.

Relaxing & refreshing. I loved the oils & the massage felt like exactly what I needed -Bailey H.

Kim was very professional & knowledgeable. We came in with stress & tension & left relaxed...walking on clouds. Great massage! -Gabrielle Z. & Jorge T. (Kim is our newest intern, congratulations!)

Alissa was excellent. Will recommend to family in the area. More relaxing music or music choice would be good -Barbara M. (tons of music choices, just tell your therapist your preference)

All of my muscle stress from work just melted away under the capable & marvelous massage hands of Martha. Thank you!  -Karen T.

Best massage hands down! Very attentive to my areas that were tight & sore. My body feels more relaxed than it ever has! I will be coming back & recommending to everyone I know! -Breana B.

Therapist worked so hard the entire time & was really thorough. Really great experience. Thank you! -Jamie B,

So relaxing & welcoming! I am so glad I added this experience to my vacation! -Jacqui C.

Martha had very technical understanding of muscle movement & pain management & took her time to focus on exactly what I needed. My shoulder pain went from chronic 7 to 3, which is huge.  -Robin S.

Everyone was wonderful, very nice & attentive to your  needs. You don't feel rushed like you're just another number. Amanda works wonders. I will return again & again -Sherrie F.

The best massage I've ever had! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wish I could bring Amanda back to MD -Carolyn S.

Just what I needed! I left the appt with much greater mobility than when I walked in -Emma P.

Kate was magnificent! Perfect experience at The Well. A wonderful celebration with friends -Robin S. (Girls' Weekend)

Alissa was very knowledgeable & targeted my trouble areas -Donna D.

Best massage I've ever had. Amber listened & understood exactly what I needed -Theresa C. (Amber is our Intern - well done!!)

Amanda was outstanding! A perfect, intuitive combination of techniques -Jen B.

Nice, deep, thorough, luxurious, relaxing, awesome massage! Extremely attentive staff, sweet! -Judy C.

Kate had great innovative approaches that I hadn't experienced before in deep tissue massage. Loved that! I will be back! -Kathy O.

Wonderful & thorough massage. Great notes from Natalie on how I can keep up feeling great! Attentive & overall amazing! I feel a few years younger!  -Lauren B.

Thank you Martha for introducing me to Thai massage in this very relaxed environment. You made me feel at ease from the start.  -Harriet G.

Amanda was able to release my headache immediately which allowed me to relax perfectly. Thanks so much! -Nicholas T.

We have never had a massage prior. The Well leaves big shoes to fill! A must for a beach visit. -Matthew S.

Superb massage - I've had many at great spas around the country & this is among the best. -Robert H.

I so needed this massage. Amanda was the perfect therapist! So thorough -Cheryl C (LMT)

So therapeutic after a week of beach running. Alissa is strong & can sense the trouble spots. Receptionist who took appointment: Excellent, so nice! -Pam F.

Martha's Thai massage was extraordinary, freeing range of motion over entire body. I felt energized & so very much better! Highly recommend Thai massage to optimize well-being. Thanks a million -Diana H.

This was the best massage I've had in a very long time. I highly recommend Kate -Jennifer G.

Kate has super powers! -Sarah B.

Loved the cupping!  -Bridget W. (Recovery Mode)

Very kind!! Amazing conversation! Helped my back pain go away! -Colleen D.

My daughter & I had great massages with MiniFacials! A quaint place to relax -Deb C.

10 out of 10, perfect!! Friendly & awesome staff -Kevin C.

Best massage I've ever had. Thank you! -Amy B.

Very sensitive hands, perfect pressure -Lynn P.

Wonderful massage. Left feeling relaxed & refreshed. The MiniFacial was great -Patricia S.

Amanda treats the body as a whole. Deep stress relief! -Scott F.

Nice ambience - quality work. I feel much better! -Jonathan Y.

What a fabulous & restorative experience! -Samantha S. (Even Flow)

Always professional! Best massage ever! -Jill L. (Physical Therapist)

So glad I came in! It was exactly what I needed! -Jonathan K. 

The massage experience was the best. I had pain beforehand & felt great after. -Kathy T.

Kate is amazing! She got all my secret tight spots.. Great massage! -Karen M.

Kate is marvelous! She worked a miracle on my neck!  -Beth Anne S.

The perfect post-wedding treat. I feel like I have a range of motion that I haven't had for months! -Samuel G.

Very detailed & specific massage. Kate did an amazing job relaxing my muscles & mind!! -Danielle M.

Had a wonderful experience. Natalie paid close attention to my problem areas with extreme detail. Loved it! -Cyndi D.

I didn't care for the smell of the oil. But I am on chemo & nothing tastes or smells right. Would I be able to bring my own oil? Karen was fantastic! -K.S. (yes you can, or request plain grapeseed/hazelnut oil)

OMG— Best start of a vaycay ever!! -JoAnn G.

Awesome!! Better than marijuana!! -Jennifer K.

A fabulous massage! A wonderful setting! Kate was amazing & found all the spots that needed work without my asking. -Diane J.

Martha addressed my issues with loving attention, pressure & advice. Excellent, will return! -Kim S.

Wonderfully relaxing experience. Everyone was lovely. -Brielle S.

Massage was excellent. Best I've had. Will return. -Jessica D.

1st time here. Very welcoming, very relaxing. Incredible massage by Kate. Will definitely return. -Cathy L.

Martha was incredible! Can't wait to visit Cape May in the future & see her again. Highly recommend!  -Jessica S. (30-min Well-Being + MIniFacial)

Very attuned to my feedback, highly skilled & a great soothing presence -Amanda P.

Very therapeutic! Back & neck felt 100% relaxed & improved within first 20 minutes. Worth every penny! -Jennifer S. (LNP)

Awesome!! My 1st massage! I'm hooked! -Frantony S.

Can I have this every day?! -Kimberly T.

I feel like dancing afterwards. So much released energy. -Sam O.

Amanda "re-set" my spirit! Much needed & appreciated -Allison H.

One of the best parts of our Cape May girls' weekend - I'll definitely be back next time we are in town. Amanda was terrific. -Mona T. & The Gals

Karen was excellent! Very attuned to my feedback, highly skilled & a great soothing presence. -Amanda P.

Very therapeutic! Back & neck felt 100% relaxed & improved within first 20 minutes. Worth every penny! -Jennifer LNP

I love the sensitivity she brought to the massage, exactly what I needed! -Kristin S.

A divine healing experience in body, mind & spirit! -Diane K.

We had a great morning/early afternoon at your facility! Thank you for the kindness, smiles & allowing us space to have snacks & beverages while we relaxed before & after our services. Out of 5 women, we did not have 1 complaint or negative comment about ANYTHING. Each service provided was top notch & an amazing experience! We will be back! -Faith M. & Her Crew

So glad we found you for our girlfriends' weekend. It was awesome! -Cindi B. & The Bunch

Martha was amazing! One of the best massages I've ever had! -Pam R.H., energy healer

Kate is an amazing therapist! As a therapist, myself, it was wonderful to find a place that I can go to heal & relax. From my first visit Kate has known what I need & what I am looking for. The staff is always so nice & accommodating.  -Jessica L.

We had a fantastic time, the place was wonderful, the therapists were phenomenal, & you will be my first choice for a massage in Cape May. Thank you so much! -Krystie N.

I have not felt more relaxed for some time ! Thank you so much for the welcoming atmosphere, beautiful music, & fantastic massage!!!! Looking forward to a great night's sleep! Loved every moment. - Melissa P.

Just letting you know that the Beach Head treatment left my hair feeling thicker & softer! It was awesome! Massage left me feeling very relaxed & the Sweet Feet treatment felt great. We will definitely be back next time we are in the area.  (Head to Toe) -Nancy B.

My massage & Zero Balancing was wonderful😀. I will definitely return when I visit Cape May again.  -JoAnn M.

Alissa is fantastic, both skillful & good intuition! -Cary B.

Martha was wonderful!  Most amazing & relaxing two hours!  Highly recommend!  (Even Flow + Sweet Feet + MiniFacial) -Regina D.

Really warm & inviting environment. Kate was a terrific therapist & the head-to-toe massage was so wonderful & unique. I felt very relaxed afterwards. Would definitely return. (Ultimate Head to Toe) -Marnie W.

Karen was wonderful. I would highly recommend her. This was my first massage & she made it very comfortable & relaxing.  -Cathleen L.

Natalie had great pressure - deep without being too intense/invasive -Cliff T.

Absolutely wonderful! Quite possibly the best massage I have ever had. Thank you!!! -Terri F.

Wonderful way to celebrate my birthday & enter into a new decade of life! -Betsy P.

Such an amazing start to our vacation. Will be doing this on every visit to Cape May.
- Chris D.

Always love my visits here! Not your typical spa massage! Massage as wellness is the emphasis. Thanks so much! -Cathy B.

Another amazing massage by Amanda! Wish she lived closer to DC. -Randi B,

Lovely couples massage for me & my love..  Kelly D.

What a perfect element of a getaway weekend. So restorative! -Christine E.

Karen was very good. Her gentle touch & attitude really enhanced the quiet & calming feel of the room. She was great.  -Michael R.

Martha saved my life! -Shelia M.

Best massage I've ever had. I feel brand new. -Michael R.

Most Zen I have ever felt! -Elizabeth McC.

I feel like a new person. Knew/felt my sore spots. This was a customized experience catered to my needs. I loved it! -Candace B.

I feel so much better. So glad I came here.. thank you! -Kimberly D.

Incredible massage! Well worth the visit!  -Adrianna B.

Kate & Amanda put me & my husband at ease right away & took great care of us. So awesome & relaxing!  -Cate H.

Alissa was an awesome therapist; great strong hands!  -Debra H.

Such a peaceful & warm place with equally as warm staff members. Perfect way to relax on vacation!  - Elizabeth A.

A wonderful surprise, the highlight of our getaway! -Adam W.

Best massage! Wonderful flow! Great pressure! Perfect music! Kate was amazing!  -Briana V.

I go to Massage Envy at home. Alissa provided the best massage EVER! -Margie H. (Margie had a 75-min Salt Glow)

Beyond excellent! Very relaxing, extremely talented therapist. Best part of our trip!  -Kim S.

Amazing! 75 minute massage was perfect! I can turn my head again!  -Krista D.

Exactly what I needed. Penny was really sensitive to my particular situation & tailored her treatment.  -Catherine P.

Fantastic! Such a highlight of our trip (with elderly mom & sister)  -Eunice C.

Kate was an insightful, skilled & very kind/knowledgable therapist. The experience at The Well was the best massage experience that I've had. Go.. You'll be happy you did!  -Amanda Z.

Wonderful - amazing massage. One of the best ever. Extremely helpful & relaxing.  -Amber H.

Best "TRUE" massage you can find in Jersey - thanks Drew!  -Catherine S.

This was exactly what we needed. The massages were wonderful, we feel relaxed after our wedding, and the people were friendly.  -Amber L.

Beyond excellent! Very relaxing, extremely talented therapist. Best part of our trip!  -Kim S.

Great massage. Clearly personalized. Deeply appreciated!  -Shawna M.

The best couples massage we have ever gotten  -Robert J.

Phenomenal experience! (on-site couples massage at b&b)  -D & K

Relaxing, uplifting, peaceful. Best 75 mins spent in Cape May NJ!  -Paula K.

First visit here but I will return! Karen was great  -Diane D.

Such a nurturing, warm environment for a relaxing massage. I feel so ahhhh….   -Jill C.

Felt amazing! Wonderful environment & beautiful center  -Steve S.

Great massage! One of the best of my life!  -Natalia M.

Very nice empathetic people work here  -Kristina N.

What a relaxing experience. The massage hit every spot that made me sigh with release of stress. Great atmosphere too  -JoAnn N.

I have been a repeat client for a while now & each time I schedule I purposefully do not ask for a specific person.  I keep thinking that as much as I liked a particular massage that I might just be missing out on the massage that another may give.  I find techniques in each person's "style" that I really like.  Look forward to seeing you the next time  -Jean P.

Exceptionally personalized service by Natalie - individualized treatment and very personable!   -Mary Beth M.

Outstanding massage - I can't remember ever walking out of a massage feeling that it had been perfect. Thank you!!   -Natalie G.

Surpassed my high expectations - actually so relaxed driving home that I passed my street! Loved the environment, music, & friendly staff - will recommend to others. Thanks for a most relaxing session   -Linda P.

Drew, thank you again for your amazing massage talent & for your insight & wisdom which continues to resonate with me.  I look forward to coming back to Cape May next summer for a week, when I will schedule two appointments!   -Jessica B.

A comfortable holistic massage center that reminds me of my trip to New Mexico. Martha is a seasoned therapist who has many modalities in her back pocket to choose from. She alleviated longstanding pain in my ankles in one 90 minute session    -Andrea J.

Atmosphere always makes me feel groovy!   -Karen C.

Not from the area & went to wrong location.  However, the staff was happy to accommodate & had a therapist at the other location within 20 minutes   -Rachel B.

Just fantastic! Tingling all over! Floating!   -Lauren A.

Amanda was amazing. If you are looking for a "true" massage, go here!   -Amanda A. 

Wonderful - felt like I was floating. Released a lot of tension & stress  -Terry B.

Kate was absolutely wonderful. Very considerate & thorough in her treatment/massage. Will be back  -Patricia S. (Salt Glow)

I feel like I could fall asleep right now.. extremely relaxing!   -Jessica G.

Always a pleasure to come to Cape May & have an excellent experience at The Well. Everyone there is friendly & courteous.   -Estella M. 

Best massage in all my years!    -Mary H.

Effortless from arrival to departure. My therapist listened & made stress disappear!   -Kristy O.

Great vibe & friendly staff  -LouAnn F.

Very thorough on my knots & very relaxing. Wonderful!  -Patti G.

Found every knot & more & relieved them all!!!  -Bob B.

Great way to start our weekend!  -Gail K.

Wonderfully kind!   -Anna K.

Truly appreciated the personal treatment   -Megan O.

Relaxing - considerate - genuine - thank you!  -Grant C.

Fantastic massage & atmosphere   -Matt J.

Thank you for unattaching my shoulder from my ear  -Cara A.

Handled my painful areas beautifully! Will return for sure   -Angela M.

Most amazing experience from booking to fruit-infused water   -Michele P.

Best massage I ever had. Penny has beautiful energy + passion for helping me!   -Debbie W.

Perfect massage - best I ever had. Amanda knew exactly where I needed more work & moved my arms & legs to really work things out   -Terry C.

If I could have a personal masseuse, it'd be Amanda   -Randi B.

A must stop on every trip to Cape May   -Michael P.

I really enjoy the relaxing experience you offer!  In the past year I've had massages on-board a cruise ship & at a resort spa. Yours was by far the best.  Really!  -Carol K.

Professional & excellent massage   -Joe S.

Martha was really great!!! She did a wonderful job on this arthritic body   -Martha V.

As always, a great connection with Martha, I leave renewed, refreshed & pain free!  -Teresa S.

I was very pleased with my massage with Martha. She was very attentive & listened to my concerns. I felt very comfortable with her. When I am back next summer, I will definitely make another appt with her   -Heidi V.

Thanks for your help while I was visiting Cape May!  My neck felt a million times better!!   -Tara H.

Best massage we had in a long time!!!   -Csilla S.

Great anniversary gift to each other :)   -Stephanie A.

Always more than pleased with your service  -Betty S.

There is absolutely no better place for a massage! Thanks Martha!   -Joyce B.

Thanks Drew, one of the best massages ever.  Feel great today, can't even feel any tension in my neck!!!  -Debbie F.

Love The Well!   -David S.

I thoroughly enjoyed the massage - it was so relaxing I've already recommended it to at least ten other people   -Bill M.

My husband & I greatly enjoyed our massages!  Thank you very much for a relaxing, fabulous experience!!!   -Jessica P.

One of the best deep tissue massages I've ever received   -Anna Marie S.

Great idea having a small place at the Mall. But the real deal & better experience is at The Well. Great talking with Drew & Kate - keep us updated on your progress toward a proactive health care clinic.   -Kathleen J.

Best massage I've ever had - i will definitely be back!!   -Paula L.

The therapist was very professional & knowledgeable about his craft. He made me feel very comfortable   -Stan B.

First time for massage - enjoyed it very much   -Kurt A.

The location is convenient & the entrance & rooms are very inviting.  Martha is indeed a professional.  She focused on my problem areas & I like her personal massage style. I felt great when I left!  I will be a regular!   -Marnie M.

Fantastic experience. My first time getting a body wrap - I loved it!!  Totally relaxing, very professional, very clean. I thoroughly enjoyed it - just what I needed. Thank you so much. I will definitely be back.   -Gina S.

Amazing! Talented, intuitive massage therapist! Just what I needed   -Amy G.

Martha is a genius. I've had many massages & this was in the top 5. She hit all the great spots & I am now pain free!   -Lisa C.

I'm like floating out of here. I feel 10 pounds lighter!   -Damien C.

For the first time in months, I do not have tingling & numbness from my neck to my left fingers. The massage was a wonderful end to a good dayl   -Helena M.

Awesome! Great experience. Will return. The Thai massage was by far the best massage I ever had!!   -Kara D.

Wish we lived closer! So great!   -Kelly B.

Fantastic to include face, fingers, toes   -Lela Y.

Martha is a gifted therapist, very intuitive   -Lezlie L.

Exceptionally personalized service - individualized treatment - very personable   -Mary Beth M.

Kate did an amazing job & was the perfect way to kick off our vacation. Will be down in October & requesting her again    -Steve F.

This was a fabulous massage. Penny's acupressure & energy work plus the kneading got into the exact places I needed for release & relief from stress & tension. I am leaving for home tomorrow but hope to get another next time I am in Cape May   -Terry B.

Love the ease of the online booking option! The ladies we had for our couples massage were amazing. I felt wonderful following our 60 minute appointment & my husband said it was the best massage he's ever had   -Kim H.

Very professional at the same time as welcoming & homey  -Kathleen K.

You are wonderful people!  It was a delight ;)    -Kristen L.


These are mostly comments written by first-time customers, who are all asked to rate their therapist & experience. About 1 in 20 is from our automated survey that goes out after every appt & these include some repeat customers.