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Customer Comments
Jan 2018 (& two survey responses I didn't see from October)

By far the best massage I've ever received! The therapist was engaging, professional, skillful, and insightful. I will definitely be back -Kellie C.

One of the top 3 massages I ever had. She was very intuitive to what my body needed, and I must say my tight muscles were very relaxed for several days. She really got the circulation going through the areas that are almost always so tense. I felt great for several days. I wish all my massages were as good, because I really need it to make my medical conditions more bearable
 -Sheilagh S.

My treatment was perfect - I carry lots of tension in my neck/shoulders & now I feel so much better!!! -Caitlin T.
Great experience! Peaceful, clean, cozy massage rooms with exceptional massage therapists. Highly recommend! -Sara T.
One of the best massages I've ever had. She was thorough & careful -Mara S.
Wonderful warm relaxing experience!  Want to return soon! Best massage ever! -Beth S.
The best! Loved every second! -Ginny C. (Inner Body Experience)

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