What They're Saying! (How Do They Say It?)

Amanda D relieved knots I didn't notice I had. Her hands were like the jaws of life. THANK YOU!  -Jared A.

I needed all that attention & love today (best massage I ever had)  Ed S.

I feel fresher than a Subway sandwich! I can enjoy my vacation! -Michael L.

I like to call myself a massage guru. I believe in getting massages on a regular basis. My experience here with my therapist was phenomenal. I will definitely be back -Dominique L. (Recovery Mode)

I have no words to describe the release of tension & anxiety I felt today -Matthew P.

Alissa was great, hit the hot spots! I walked out feeling longer, looser & so relaxed! Lovely!-Mary N.

Perfect in every way! Amanda B has hands of gold! -Mary Jo P.

Thank you Amanda D!! I can move my right arm fluidly again!  -Nathan N.

The perfect way to start a vacation -Meira C.

Kate's pressure and stretches were amazing! -Morgan S.

OMG! That was the best massage I ever had! -Linda D. (Linda came back with her entire family!!!)

Excellent massage & facial. Would rate 10/10. Very personable. Would recommend others anytime -Anthony T. (Anthony came back to sample Reiki Balancing, Myo-Thai & Recovery Mode, and sent his sister too!)

Great, relaxing treatment ahead of a marathon in a week- highly recommend! -Tom D. (Myo-Thai)

Martha is a true healer! I had a fantastic massage with her & felt truly renewed. I highly recommend!! -Christina W.

Walking out floating! Lightest I've felt during the third trimester. Thank you! -Lila B.

One of the best massage experiences of my life. I've had several hundred -Chris H.

Awesome prenatal with Kate! So relaxing & therapeutic. Beautiful quaint space too! -Marilyn F.

(Prenatal) Wonderul experience. I felt very well taken care of. My masseuse was confident & did all the right stuff -Fatima R.

(About our intern) She was amazing! She listened & remembered my touchy areas & sore spots. Just a wonderful massage all together! -Tina S.

Thank you. My first massage. Really the first time I've relaxed in a long time. Feels great -Mark W.

All of my muscles melted -Chris R.

Amazing job! Very in tune to problem areas & perfect pressure -Kelly M.

Alissa is a spiritual healer with other-worldly gifts extending beyond her massage skills -Rachel P.

Wonderful! Loved the room & the smell of the oil & the GREAT massage by Kate! -Karen S.

The therapists knew what they were doing & you really felt like they were present the whole time. We were never rushed. I actually love that this wasn't a commercial spa, it was definitely more of a well being center with great smells & big smiles -Fatima & Shah via Yelp

Very welcoming & attentive to my needs, will definitely be returning! -Erin S.

The entire experience was wonderful! Can't express enough how satisfying. -Leanna P.

Thank you! Deepest gratitude for moving that tension & energy! All the love & light -Mandee E.

ruly relaxing & healing experience! Great vibe & courteous, professional staff. Definitely coming back! -Alexis K.

Best massage I've ever had, thank you! (Prenatal) -Michelle S.

My therapist was phenomenal! I was completely comfortable & she knew all the right places to go rougher or softer on! 5-star service -Sasha K.

By far the best massage I've ever received! The therapist was engaging, professional, skillful, and insightful. I will definitely be back -Kellie C.

One of the top 3 massages I ever had. She was very intuitive to what my body needed, and I must say my tight muscles were very relaxed for several days. She really got the circulation going through the areas that are almost always so tense. I felt great for several days. I wish all my massages were as good, because I really need it to make my medical conditions more bearable
 -Sheilagh S.

My treatment was perfect - I carry lots of tension in my neck/shoulders & now I feel so much better!!! -Caitlin T.

Great experience! Peaceful, clean, cozy massage rooms with exceptional massage therapists. Highly recommend! -Sara T.

One of the best massages I've ever had. She was thorough & careful -Mara S.

Wonderful warm relaxing experience!  Want to return soon! Best massage ever! -Beth S.

The best! Loved every second! -Ginny C. (Inner Body Experience)

I came in with a back brace & left without it. Awesome!! -Chris T. 

I cannot say enough good about my experience here. I left lighter & healthier than I've felt in years. A true healer. Her energy is strong & positive -Kimberly B.

They were wonderful to have. Very good, respectful, set up/break down simple, great massage (couples in-room at B&B) -Kristen B.

Was one of the best massages I have ever had and I have had a few! -Michael S.

Exactly what I needed. Caring & very responsive to my achy self! -Carol T.

Incredible massage, possibly the best experience I've had -Walt O.

Thorough, deep & well-executed!  -Annie E.

Amazing prenatal massage! Best I've felt in months! Highly recommend for every mom-to-be
-Lauren R.

Incredibly relaxing, no detail was spared. They genuinely enjoy what they do. We'll be back!
-Katie W. (honeymooners, congratulations!)

Amazing! Amanda was so in tune to my needs. Wonderful experience. Will be back!!-Kimberly O.

Kate does an excellent job during massage to make the experience relaxing. Can't wait to return!  -Sharen C.

Best massage ever! Great personality & great technique -Jerry McC.

 I'm not exaggerating - it was the best massage I've ever had! -Anthony D'A.

Should call this place Heaven on Earth!! -Melissa C. (Ultimate Grand Supreme)

Absolutely amazing!!!! It released so much negativity & stress & almost brought me to tears! That's simply amazingto me! Thank you for everything! -Lisa S.

Amanda was amazing! I've had many massages, but she put in the actual effort & care to make this very effective for the issues that were bothering me. I had a lot of stress from physical & psychological (work) sources. Both greatly alleviated by her technique. I will be back! -Erin R.

Alissa was incredible-- very knowledgable and great pressure/understanding of the body. Among the best massages I've ever had! -Meredith S.

Literally the best massage I have ever experienced. Kate's hands are magic.  -Alison K.

Peaceful environment, music, very thorough & gently stimulating & relaxing massage -James H. 

Martha is a life-saver! Thank you! -Jo Ann H.

Best massage in years, by Kate -Sue B.

I have worked with massage therapists & gotten a lot of bodywork & Amanda's massage was exceptional. She is amazing -Liz W.

Absolutely great. Will take awhile for my brain to readjust to the looseness! -Stephen F.

Kate was wonderful! She took my feedback & made my 1st massage experience an amazing one -Deavon R.

I've never felt so refreshed! -Suzy M. (The Works w/Dynamically Deep)

Great!! Knows her stuff! -Bobbie M.

Very relaxing massage. Feel like we found a true gem in Cape May. Will come back if in the area  -Devjani D.

She was a godsend! Helped my back strain when pills did not!! -Eileen N.

The Well is a wonderful treat. The staff were great & it was one of the best parts of my vacation -Christine D.

Amazing! I felt the negative energy break up & move out of my body— it flowed out of my fingertips! The best stress relief! -Melanie M.

Felt very comfortable with everything -Derek G (age 19, Table Thai)

Alissa did a great job working out the stress in my back -Cathy T.

Great job on the IT band! -Don F.

Wow! One of the best massages I've ever had!  -Katherine L.

Wonderful, much-needed massage. The pressure was perfect & Alissa was a pro. Will definitely be coming back -Nicole S.

Truly- one of the best massages I have ever had! Thank you!  -Tara M.

The best massage I've ever had -Melissa M.

Very kind, very aware of my needs. Thank you! -Abigail C.

She paid great attention to the areas of my body that needed it the most. Great combo of massage, stretching & pressure  -John B. (Even Flow The Floor Show)

One of the best - very skilled & intuitive -Keila G.

Kate pinpointed areas of stress that I didn't even know were stressed! Incredible experience. Will definitely be back  -Lisa M.

Alissa was wonderful! My first massage & she explained carefully & was very thorough as well -Maggie S.

Excellent time all around! Best massage! Appreciate the time she took on my problem areas -Nikki L.

Massage was fantastic! I did not know my arms, legs & feet could feel so good! -Eric R.

Excellent couples massage, relieved neck pain as requested!  -Lisa N.

Relaxing & refreshing. I loved the oils & the massage felt like exactly what I needed -Bailey H.

Kim was very professional & knowledgeable. We came in with stress & tension & left relaxed...walking on clouds. Great massage! -Gabrielle Z. & Jorge T. (Kim is our newest intern, congratulations!)

Alissa was excellent. Will recommend to family in the area. More relaxing music or music choice would be good -Barbara M. (tons of music choices, just tell your therapist your preference)

All of my muscle stress from work just melted away under the capable & marvelous massage hands of Martha. Thank you!  -Karen T.

Best massage hands down! Very attentive to my areas that were tight & sore. My body feels more relaxed than it ever has! I will be coming back & recommending to everyone I know! -Breana B.

Therapist worked so hard the entire time & was really thorough. Really great experience. Thank you! -Jamie B,

So relaxing & welcoming! I am so glad I added this experience to my vacation! -Jacqui C.

Martha had very technical understanding of muscle movement & pain management & took her time to focus on exactly what I needed. My shoulder pain went from chronic 7 to 3, which is huge.  -Robin S.

Everyone was wonderful, very nice & attentive to your  needs. You don't feel rushed like you're just another number. Amanda works wonders. I will return again & again -Sherrie F.

The best massage I've ever had! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Wish I could bring Amanda back to MD -Carolyn S.

Just what I needed! I left the appt with much greater mobility than when I walked in -Emma P.

Kate was magnificent! Perfect experience at The Well. A wonderful celebration with friends -Robin S. (Girls' Weekend)

Alissa was very knowledgeable & targeted my trouble areas -Donna D.

Best massage I've ever had. Amber listened & understood exactly what I needed -Theresa C. (Amber is our Intern - well done!!)

Amanda was outstanding! A perfect, intuitive combination of techniques -Jen B.

Nice, deep, thorough, luxurious, relaxing, awesome massage! Extremely attentive staff, sweet! -Judy C.

Kate had great innovative approaches that I hadn't experienced before in deep tissue massage. Loved that! I will be back! -Kathy O.

Wonderful & thorough massage. Great notes from Natalie on how I can keep up feeling great! Attentive & overall amazing! I feel a few years younger!  -Lauren B.

Thank you Martha for introducing me to Thai massage in this very relaxed environment. You made me feel at ease from the start.  -Harriet G.

Amanda was able to release my headache immediately which allowed me to relax perfectly. Thanks so much! -Nicholas T.

We have never had a massage prior. The Well leaves big shoes to fill! A must for a beach visit. -Matthew S.

Superb massage - I've had many at great spas around the country & this is among the best. -Robert H.

I so needed this massage. Amanda was the perfect therapist! So thorough -Cheryl C (LMT)

So therapeutic after a week of beach running. Alissa is strong & can sense the trouble spots. Receptionist who took appointment: Excellent, so nice! -Pam F.

Martha's Thai massage was extraordinary, freeing range of motion over entire body. I felt energized & so very much better! Highly recommend Thai massage to optimize well-being. Thanks a million -Diana H.

This was the best massage I've had in a very long time. I highly recommend Kate -Jennifer G.

Kate has super powers! -Sarah B.

Loved the cupping!  -Bridget W. (Recovery Mode)

Very kind!! Amazing conversation! Helped my back pain go away! -Colleen D.

My daughter & I had great massages with MiniFacials! A quaint place to relax -Deb C.

10 out of 10, perfect!! Friendly & awesome staff -Kevin C.

Best massage I've ever had. Thank you! -Amy B.

Very sensitive hands, perfect pressure -Lynn P.

Wonderful massage. Left feeling relaxed & refreshed. The MiniFacial was great -Patricia S.

Amanda treats the body as a whole. Deep stress relief! -Scott F.

Nice ambience - quality work. I feel much better! -Jonathan Y.

What a fabulous & restorative experience! -Samantha S. (Even Flow)

Always professional! Best massage ever! -Jill L. (Physical Therapist)

So glad I came in! It was exactly what I needed! -Jonathan K. 

The massage experience was the best. I had pain beforehand & felt great after. -Kathy T.

Kate is amazing! She got all my secret tight spots.. Great massage! -Karen M.

Kate is marvelous! She worked a miracle on my neck!  -Beth Anne S.

The perfect post-wedding treat. I feel like I have a range of motion that I haven't had for months! -Samuel G.

Very detailed & specific massage. Kate did an amazing job relaxing my muscles & mind!! -Danielle M.

Had a wonderful experience. Natalie paid close attention to my problem areas with extreme detail. Loved it! -Cyndi D.

I didn't care for the smell of the oil. But I am on chemo & nothing tastes or smells right. Would I be able to bring my own oil? Karen was fantastic! -K.S. (yes you can, or request plain grapeseed/hazelnut oil)

OMG— Best start of a vaycay ever!! -JoAnn G.

Awesome!! Better than marijuana!! -Jennifer K.

A fabulous massage! A wonderful setting! Kate was amazing & found all the spots that needed work without my asking. -Diane J.

Martha addressed my issues with loving attention, pressure & advice. Excellent, will return! -Kim S.

Wonderfully relaxing experience. Everyone was lovely. -Brielle S.

Massage was excellent. Best I've had. Will return. -Jessica D.

1st time here. Very welcoming, very relaxing. Incredible massage by Kate. Will definitely return. -Cathy L.

Martha was incredible! Can't wait to visit Cape May in the future & see her again. Highly recommend!  -Jessica S. (30-min Well-Being + MIniFacial)

Very attuned to my feedback, highly skilled & a great soothing presence -Amanda P.

Very therapeutic! Back & neck felt 100% relaxed & improved within first 20 minutes. Worth every penny! -Jennifer S. (LNP)

Awesome!! My 1st massage! I'm hooked! -Frantony S.

Can I have this every day?! -Kimberly T.

I feel like dancing afterwards. So much released energy. -Sam O.

Amanda "re-set" my spirit! Much needed & appreciated -Allison H.

One of the best parts of our Cape May girls' weekend - I'll definitely be back next time we are in town. Amanda was terrific. -Mona T. & The Gals

Karen was excellent! Very attuned to my feedback, highly skilled & a great soothing presence. -Amanda P.

Very therapeutic! Back & neck felt 100% relaxed & improved within first 20 minutes. Worth every penny! -Jennifer LNP

I love the sensitivity she brought to the massage, exactly what I needed! -Kristin S.

A divine healing experience in body, mind & spirit! -Diane K.

We had a great morning/early afternoon at your facility! Thank you for the kindness, smiles & allowing us space to have snacks & beverages while we relaxed before & after our services. Out of 5 women, we did not have 1 complaint or negative comment about ANYTHING. Each service provided was top notch & an amazing experience! We will be back! -Faith M. & Her Crew

So glad we found you for our girlfriends' weekend. It was awesome! -Cindi B. & The Bunch

Martha was amazing! One of the best massages I've ever had! -Pam R.H., energy healer

Kate is an amazing therapist! As a therapist, myself, it was wonderful to find a place that I can go to heal & relax. From my first visit Kate has known what I need & what I am looking for. The staff is always so nice & accommodating.  -Jessica L.

We had a fantastic time, the place was wonderful, the therapists were phenomenal, & you will be my first choice for a massage in Cape May. Thank you so much! -Krystie N.

I have not felt more relaxed for some time ! Thank you so much for the welcoming atmosphere, beautiful music, & fantastic massage!!!! Looking forward to a great night's sleep! Loved every moment. - Melissa P.

Just letting you know that the Beach Head treatment left my hair feeling thicker & softer! It was awesome! Massage left me feeling very relaxed & the Sweet Feet treatment felt great. We will definitely be back next time we are in the area.  (Head to Toe) -Nancy B.

My massage & Zero Balancing was wonderful😀. I will definitely return when I visit Cape May again.  -JoAnn M.

Alissa is fantastic, both skillful & good intuition! -Cary B.

Martha was wonderful!  Most amazing & relaxing two hours!  Highly recommend!  (Even Flow + Sweet Feet + MiniFacial) -Regina D.

Really warm & inviting environment. Kate was a terrific therapist & the head-to-toe massage was so wonderful & unique. I felt very relaxed afterwards. Would definitely return. (Ultimate Head to Toe) -Marnie W.

Karen was wonderful. I would highly recommend her. This was my first massage & she made it very comfortable & relaxing.  -Cathleen L.

Natalie had great pressure - deep without being too intense/invasive -Cliff T.

Absolutely wonderful! Quite possibly the best massage I have ever had. Thank you!!! -Terri F.

Wonderful way to celebrate my birthday & enter into a new decade of life! -Betsy P.

Such an amazing start to our vacation. Will be doing this on every visit to Cape May.
- Chris D.

Always love my visits here! Not your typical spa massage! Massage as wellness is the emphasis. Thanks so much! -Cathy B.

Another amazing massage by Amanda! Wish she lived closer to DC. -Randi B,

Lovely couples massage for me & my love..  Kelly D.

What a perfect element of a getaway weekend. So restorative! -Christine E.

Karen was very good. Her gentle touch & attitude really enhanced the quiet & calming feel of the room. She was great.  -Michael R.

Martha saved my life! -Shelia M.

Best massage I've ever had. I feel brand new. -Michael R.

Most Zen I have ever felt! -Elizabeth McC.

I feel like a new person. Knew/felt my sore spots. This was a customized experience catered to my needs. I loved it! -Candace B.

I feel so much better. So glad I came here.. thank you! -Kimberly D.

Incredible massage! Well worth the visit!  -Adrianna B.

Kate & Amanda put me & my husband at ease right away & took great care of us. So awesome & relaxing!  -Cate H.

Alissa was an awesome therapist; great strong hands!  -Debra H.

Such a peaceful & warm place with equally as warm staff members. Perfect way to relax on vacation!  - Elizabeth A.

A wonderful surprise, the highlight of our getaway! -Adam W.

Best massage! Wonderful flow! Great pressure! Perfect music! Kate was amazing!  -Briana V.

I go to Massage Envy at home. Alissa provided the best massage EVER! -Margie H. (Margie had a 75-min Salt Glow)

Beyond excellent! Very relaxing, extremely talented therapist. Best part of our trip!  -Kim S.

Amazing! 75 minute massage was perfect! I can turn my head again!  -Krista D.

Exactly what I needed. Penny was really sensitive to my particular situation & tailored her treatment.  -Catherine P.

Fantastic! Such a highlight of our trip (with elderly mom & sister)  -Eunice C.

Kate was an insightful, skilled & very kind/knowledgable therapist. The experience at The Well was the best massage experience that I've had. Go.. You'll be happy you did!  -Amanda Z.

Wonderful - amazing massage. One of the best ever. Extremely helpful & relaxing.  -Amber H.

Best "TRUE" massage you can find in Jersey - thanks Drew!  -Catherine S.

This was exactly what we needed. The massages were wonderful, we feel relaxed after our wedding, and the people were friendly.  -Amber L.

Beyond excellent! Very relaxing, extremely talented therapist. Best part of our trip!  -Kim S.

Great massage. Clearly personalized. Deeply appreciated!  -Shawna M.

The best couples massage we have ever gotten  -Robert J.

Phenomenal experience! (on-site couples massage at b&b)  -D & K

Relaxing, uplifting, peaceful. Best 75 mins spent in Cape May NJ!  -Paula K.

First visit here but I will return! Karen was great  -Diane D.

Such a nurturing, warm environment for a relaxing massage. I feel so ahhhh….   -Jill C.

Felt amazing! Wonderful environment & beautiful center  -Steve S.

Great massage! One of the best of my life!  -Natalia M.

Very nice empathetic people work here  -Kristina N.

What a relaxing experience. The massage hit every spot that made me sigh with release of stress. Great atmosphere too  -JoAnn N.

I have been a repeat client for a while now & each time I schedule I purposefully do not ask for a specific person.  I keep thinking that as much as I liked a particular massage that I might just be missing out on the massage that another may give.  I find techniques in each person's "style" that I really like.  Look forward to seeing you the next time  -Jean P.

Exceptionally personalized service by Natalie - individualized treatment and very personable!   -Mary Beth M.

Outstanding massage - I can't remember ever walking out of a massage feeling that it had been perfect. Thank you!!   -Natalie G.

Surpassed my high expectations - actually so relaxed driving home that I passed my street! Loved the environment, music, & friendly staff - will recommend to others. Thanks for a most relaxing session   -Linda P.

Drew, thank you again for your amazing massage talent & for your insight & wisdom which continues to resonate with me.  I look forward to coming back to Cape May next summer for a week, when I will schedule two appointments!   -Jessica B.

A comfortable holistic massage center that reminds me of my trip to New Mexico. Martha is a seasoned therapist who has many modalities in her back pocket to choose from. She alleviated longstanding pain in my ankles in one 90 minute session    -Andrea J.

Atmosphere always makes me feel groovy!   -Karen C.

Not from the area & went to wrong location.  However, the staff was happy to accommodate & had a therapist at the other location within 20 minutes   -Rachel B.

Just fantastic! Tingling all over! Floating!   -Lauren A.

Amanda was amazing. If you are looking for a "true" massage, go here!   -Amanda A. 

Wonderful - felt like I was floating. Released a lot of tension & stress  -Terry B.

Kate was absolutely wonderful. Very considerate & thorough in her treatment/massage. Will be back  -Patricia S. (Salt Glow)

I feel like I could fall asleep right now.. extremely relaxing!   -Jessica G.

Always a pleasure to come to Cape May & have an excellent experience at The Well. Everyone there is friendly & courteous.   -Estella M. 

Best massage in all my years!    -Mary H.

Effortless from arrival to departure. My therapist listened & made stress disappear!   -Kristy O.

Great vibe & friendly staff  -LouAnn F.

Very thorough on my knots & very relaxing. Wonderful!  -Patti G.

Found every knot & more & relieved them all!!!  -Bob B.

Great way to start our weekend!  -Gail K.

Wonderfully kind!   -Anna K.

Truly appreciated the personal treatment   -Megan O.

Relaxing - considerate - genuine - thank you!  -Grant C.

Fantastic massage & atmosphere   -Matt J.

Thank you for unattaching my shoulder from my ear  -Cara A.

Handled my painful areas beautifully! Will return for sure   -Angela M.

Most amazing experience from booking to fruit-infused water   -Michele P.

Best massage I ever had. Penny has beautiful energy + passion for helping me!   -Debbie W.

Perfect massage - best I ever had. Amanda knew exactly where I needed more work & moved my arms & legs to really work things out   -Terry C.

If I could have a personal masseuse, it'd be Amanda   -Randi B.

A must stop on every trip to Cape May   -Michael P.

I really enjoy the relaxing experience you offer!  In the past year I've had massages on-board a cruise ship & at a resort spa. Yours was by far the best.  Really!  -Carol K.

Professional & excellent massage   -Joe S.

Martha was really great!!! She did a wonderful job on this arthritic body   -Martha V.

As always, a great connection with Martha, I leave renewed, refreshed & pain free!  -Teresa S.

I was very pleased with my massage with Martha. She was very attentive & listened to my concerns. I felt very comfortable with her. When I am back next summer, I will definitely make another appt with her   -Heidi V.

Thanks for your help while I was visiting Cape May!  My neck felt a million times better!!   -Tara H.

Best massage we had in a long time!!!   -Csilla S.

Great anniversary gift to each other :)   -Stephanie A.

Always more than pleased with your service  -Betty S.

There is absolutely no better place for a massage! Thanks Martha!   -Joyce B.

Thanks Drew, one of the best massages ever.  Feel great today, can't even feel any tension in my neck!!!  -Debbie F.

Love The Well!   -David S.

I thoroughly enjoyed the massage - it was so relaxing I've already recommended it to at least ten other people   -Bill M.

My husband & I greatly enjoyed our massages!  Thank you very much for a relaxing, fabulous experience!!!   -Jessica P.

One of the best deep tissue massages I've ever received   -Anna Marie S.

Great idea having a small place at the Mall. But the real deal & better experience is at The Well. Great talking with Drew & Kate - keep us updated on your progress toward a proactive health care clinic.   -Kathleen J.

Best massage I've ever had - i will definitely be back!!   -Paula L.

The therapist was very professional & knowledgeable about his craft. He made me feel very comfortable   -Stan B.

First time for massage - enjoyed it very much   -Kurt A.

The location is convenient & the entrance & rooms are very inviting.  Martha is indeed a professional.  She focused on my problem areas & I like her personal massage style. I felt great when I left!  I will be a regular!   -Marnie M.

Fantastic experience. My first time getting a body wrap - I loved it!!  Totally relaxing, very professional, very clean. I thoroughly enjoyed it - just what I needed. Thank you so much. I will definitely be back.   -Gina S.

Amazing! Talented, intuitive massage therapist! Just what I needed   -Amy G.

Martha is a genius. I've had many massages & this was in the top 5. She hit all the great spots & I am now pain free!   -Lisa C.

I'm like floating out of here. I feel 10 pounds lighter!   -Damien C.

For the first time in months, I do not have tingling & numbness from my neck to my left fingers. The massage was a wonderful end to a good dayl   -Helena M.

Awesome! Great experience. Will return. The Thai massage was by far the best massage I ever had!!   -Kara D.

Wish we lived closer! So great!   -Kelly B.

Fantastic to include face, fingers, toes   -Lela Y.

Martha is a gifted therapist, very intuitive   -Lezlie L.

Exceptionally personalized service - individualized treatment - very personable   -Mary Beth M.

Kate did an amazing job & was the perfect way to kick off our vacation. Will be down in October & requesting her again    -Steve F.

This was a fabulous massage. Penny's acupressure & energy work plus the kneading got into the exact places I needed for release & relief from stress & tension. I am leaving for home tomorrow but hope to get another next time I am in Cape May   -Terry B.

Love the ease of the online booking option! The ladies we had for our couples massage were amazing. I felt wonderful following our 60 minute appointment & my husband said it was the best massage he's ever had   -Kim H.

Very professional at the same time as welcoming & homey  -Kathleen K.

You are wonderful people!  It was a delight ;)    -Kristen L.


These are mostly comments written by first-time customers, who are all asked to rate their therapist & experience. About 1 in 20 is from our automated survey that goes out after every appt & these include some repeat customers.