Well Being Clinic

What is Intern Massage? 

We teach & learn from each other & from our clients every day. Starting with our founder Drew & our first business Oasis Massage in Montauk NY and now at The Well in Cape May, we have always endeavored to train new therapists, mainly from necessity as we have a reputation to uphold! The vast majority of therapists right out of school are not up to snuff & sadly will probably never be able to sustain a career as a massage therapist. Some however are gifted, & they may end up with The Well. Interns at The Well are qualified individuals who need more hands-on experience to improve flow & gain strength. Help us train new people - Limited availability. Summer 2017 Sat/Sun 12p-3p only at The Well Squared, please call to book 609.884.3177

What is The Clinic? 

On Tuesdays from October to May we reduce the price of massage to allow our neighbors & people that work in the Cape May area to get a well-needed break from the stresses of life, to experience massage as a part of their everyday life, and not just a luxury or a treatment for pain. 
It’s being shown more clearly every day that massage can help reduce the risk of stress related illness.

Why Do We Do It?

At The Well, we believe that massage is more than pampering or only a way to treat acute pain.  Massage addresses the Well-Being of the individual. We live in very stressful times and every day we have to face situations that we have no control over.  We do what we need to do to navigate through the world, but finding our way can be like walking through a mine field.  When we find ourselves in a safe place or when we have time to take care of ourselves, we should use that time to find the things we love to do.  Our happiness depends on it.  In other words. we need to do the things we need to to live, but we need to live for the things we love to do.

Whatever those things are is up to you to decide.  It could be a hobby, spending time with friends & family or doing something nice for yourself like getting a massage.  At The Well we hope you will come in and give us a chance to help you find ways to take care of yourself without guilt.  We all deserve to feel good.  While we cannot fix the world, we can give you a short break from the chaos around you.

Any Restrictions on Clinic Pricing? 

No other discounts may be applied to the clinic price. 

You may not request a specific therapist.  We will be rotating staff regularly, but if you do want to see someone particular we can tell you when he or she will be working. If you have a preference for a male or female therapist the same applies. 

Appointments are necessary but you can certainly call on the day & take your chances.