NEW! PLEASE! We pay our professionals for missed appts, no shows & late cancellations
This is not a “cancellation fee”, this is what we pay out of pocket for our highly trained pros.
In most cases we will waive our commission but we wld hope to be able to recover from you what we are paying the therapists. Due to a record number of deadbeats this year (yeah I said it, & looking at you Joe & Joanne of West Wildwood) we are reserving the right to impose a 24-hr cancellation period. You will be informed of the cancellation period when you make your booking.

Since we strive to provide personal service to our clients, no-shows & last-minute cancellations impact us significantly. Therefore, we have a three-hour cancellation policy* (night before for morning appts). This seems to be a fair amount of time to let us know your plans have changed, especially when you’re on vacation - things happen! (like rain, sun, children...) 

EXCEPTION:  Appts over 90min in length (Ultimate Head to Toe, Inner Body Experience, etc.) we have to ask for a 24-hr cancellation period!!

Please know - The WELL reserves the right to charge the full fee for the appointment to the credit card used to secure the appointment, and/or to forfeit the cash deposit or gift certificate in full, for missed appointments or cancellations made less than three hours* before the time of the appointment.

*For morning appts, "night before" means by close of business the prior day - please by 7p or 8p the latest! 

*If you are making your appointment through an independent agent (travel agent, hotel, motel or B&B manager or innkeeper) their cancellation policy may supersede ours. No appointment changes will be accepted within three hours of scheduled appointments.


The Well actively recycles & reuses as much as we can. We also donate 1%-2% of our gross every year (1.6% in 2017) to local charities & some national causes. In 2017 we donated to The King Center and The Fund for Investigative Journalism in honor of Martin Luther King Day this year.

Every year we give monetary or in kind donations to the Legal Secretaries of Cape May County, the Eagles Ladies Auxiliary, Cape May Technical School Scholarship, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, 4H Cape Rabbit Show, Cape May VFW, East Lynne Theatre, Cape May County Zoo Society, Old Fuds Golf Tournament, Willow Creek Winery Toys for Tots & Food Bank Drive, and the West Cape May Volunteer Fire Department.


At the Well, we hold massage to a higher standard! It's both our privilege & our responsibility to work with new therapists. Well interns are fully licensed & definitely gifted, ready for prime-time at most day spas or massage envy type places, but needing more hands-on experience to be seeing Well clients at full price!

We audition every applicant and only accept as Interns people who have a "gift" for massage (there is such a thing as "good hands"!), even if they are right out of school. We teach some technique, mostly about how to work with the joint spaces, improve the flow of the routine & connect with the client's body as a whole. We also help Interns develop the confidence to read & assess clients,You will be offered an Intern massage at a reduced price if an Intern is available. We have found that a particularly useful way to teach is to have Interns work with an Experienced Therapist in a couples setting. We offer Intern/Experienced Couples at a reduced price when available.


Our therapists are licensed to practice massage in the state of New Jersey. Some therapists may have a "pending" status if they are newer to the profession or new to NJ. Interns who are still in school & not licensed yet are practicing under our supervision. We introduce all our therapists to Thai massage as it is particularly useful across all types of practice for developing a holistic view of body/mind/spirit, for working energetically with the client, & for active mobilization of joint spaces. We strive to offer continuing education for our therapists in Thai or other modalities when possible. (Licensed therapists are required to do 20 hours of continuing education every two years; most of us do more.)


Reservations are highly recommended! Book online or call 609.884.3177 if you don't see a time that you like. We need a credit card, cash deposit, or Well gift certificate number to hold appointments. We don't charge the card at that time and you can pay however you like after the appointment but we do have a three-hour cancellation policy (see below).

Please allow at least five minutes before your scheduled appt time to fill out a short intake form, use the restroom, etc. If we are running behind & your appt starts late, we will give you the full time booked. If we are on schedule but you are late for any reason, we will endeavor to give you the full time booked but not at the expense of any client booked after you.


If you were happy with the services provided it is customary to give a 15%-20% gratuity to the therapist.


Please! Tell us in your intake or verbally prior to your treatment if you are pregnant, have allergies, are on medication or have any conditions physical, medical or otherwise that might affect your treatment. Please be aware that exfoliating treatments can cause temporary skin irritation. See FAQ for more info about Prenatal Massage. 

You will be asked to read and sign a disclaimer before your treatment, reading substantially as follows:  "You acknowledge that it is your responsibility to inform your therapist of any pre-existing medical conditions, limitations or sensitivities, and you release The WELL & its personnel from all liability arising from failure to make such conditions known.  You acknowledge that you may experience sensitivity or tender points during & possibly on the day following your massage, which should be no more than what you might experience following a physical workout.

"Massage is a hands-on holistic therapy that works to affect the circulatory & energetic systems of the entire body. By signing below, you acknowledge that with the exception of the breast tissue & genitals, most other areas of the body may be addressed in the course of your massage including the gluteal area (buttocks), abdomen, pectoral musculature (chest), rub cage, inguinal crease (top of thigh), adductors (inner thigh), sacrum (tailbone) face, scalp, etc. You agree to keep your therapist informed of your comfort level during the massage and you agree to inform your therapist IMMEDIATELY DURING THE MASSAGE if you are uncomfortable in any way."